Our Mission

At Variant Alloy Wheels, our mission is rooted in addressing gaps within the aftermarket wheel industry. Drawing upon over 15 years of industry expertise, we identified numerous shortcomings and committed ourselves to revolutionizing wheel manufacturing practices. Leveraging the skills of our engineering teams, we assert meticulous control over every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure superior quality in our wheels.

Our goal is to deliver the finest wheels in our class, surpassing the limitations set by traditional wheel companies. Variant is defined by the harmonious blend of function and form, embodying a commitment to both performance and aesthetic excellence.

Welcome to Variant Alloy Wheels, where innovation and superior craftsmanship redefine the standards of the aftermarket wheel world.

Our History


It started with an idea...

Variant Alloy Wheels was created out of the need to fulfill gaps in the aftermarket wheel world. With over 15 years of industry experience, we found many flaws in the marketplace and took it upon ourselves to change the way wheel manufacturing operates. A name was chosen. Logo created. Wheels were designed. A CNC machine was purchased. Programs were written and our partnerships with suppliers were identified. A brand was being conceived.


Variant Alloy Wheels was born

Recognizing the limitations within the aftermarket automotive industry presented us with a unique opportunity to carve out our niche. At the time, there existed a substantial gap between entry-level price points and high-end forged products. This void in the market resulted in a scarcity of viable options for consumers, leaving them vulnerable to the whims of unqualified manufacturers. Often, customers had to rely on feedback from fellow buyers to determine if a wheel was compatible with their vehicle, fostering an unpredictable dynamic between retailers and consumers. In response, we seized the opportunity to bridge this divide, offering a reliable and quality alternative within the aftermarket space.


Lets talk multi-piece forged

Our venture into fully forged and multi-piece forged wheels signified a leap towards elevating industry standards. These wheels, composed of high-quality forged materials, outshine single-piece alternatives in strength, precision, and customization. The multi-component design enhances durability, weight distribution, and overall performance.

This flexibility extends to design, offering customers a wide array of finishes, colors, and configurations. Our commitment to multi-piece forged wheels reflects a dedication to delivering superior, personalized solutions that align with both individual style preferences and specific vehicle requirements.


and then there were four..

In 2020, we expanded our Cold Forged lineup by introducing two cutting-edge wheel styles: Xenon and Radon. This strategic addition marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving demands of automotive enthusiasts.

The Xenon and Radon designs exemplify our dedication to pushing boundaries in wheel manufacturing. Crafted through our Cold Forged process, these wheels uphold the high standards of strength, durability, and lightweight construction that our brand is known for. The introduction of these styles not only broadened our product range but also offered customers a fresh and contemporary aesthetic to choose from.


Big Building. Bigger Dreams.

In a strategic move to elevate our operational capabilities, we took a significant step forward by acquiring a spacious 33,000 sq/ft building. This expansion represented a pivotal moment in our company's growth trajectory, allowing us to scale up our operations and meet the escalating demand for our wheel designs.

The new facility is poised to become the epicenter of our production, providing us with the necessary space to enhance manufacturing efficiency and streamline our processes. With state-of-the-art equipment and a layout designed for optimal workflow.


More Machines = More Wheels

To enhance our manufacturing capabilities and further optimize production efficiency, we transitioned from a single Okuma M560v VMC to a more robust setup by acquiring two advanced Haas CNC Mills - the VF-3SS and VF-4.

This upgrade is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior products with reduced lead times. The Haas CNC Mills, renowned for their precision and speed, enable us to significantly increase our manufacturing capacity. The VF3SS and VF4 not only bring cutting-edge technology to our production floor but also empower us to meet the growing demands of our customers more efficiently.


Welcome to the [EVO]lution.

In 2023, we identified an opportunity to address a market need by introducing a groundbreaking product line - the EVO Collection.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is encapsulated in "Forged at a Fraction," representing not only a fraction of the price compared to traditional offerings but also a fraction of the time in terms of lead times. This strategic move underscores our dedication to providing accessible, high-quality forged wheels to a broader customer base, setting new standards in affordability and efficiency within the industry. As we continue to evolve, "Forged at a Fraction" reaffirms our position as a trailblazer,


In-House Finishing Department

A noteworthy addition to our facilities includes an in-house finishing department, coupled with the establishment of a cutting-edge powder coating operation.

This integrated approach empowers us to exert even more control over our manufacturing processes and maintain stringent quality control standards. By bringing the finishing touches in-house, we have streamlined our operations, allowing for greater efficiency and precision. The in-house powder coating operation, in particular, provides us with the capability to offer a diverse range of finishes, ensuring that each product meets our exacting standards and aligns seamlessly with our customers' preferences.

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